Three ways insurance fraud can hurt your business

Fraud Background Design Criminal Offence Word Cloud ConceptInsurance fraud comes in many forms. But we don’t want you and your business to be a victim. That’s why we wanted you to know about these three increasingly common scams:

Slip-and-fall-scams. Some people take a fall on purpose and not all are acrobats and stuntmen. Restaurateurs in particular can be an easy target, as the fraudster plays heavily on the emotions of onlookers. In another variant of this scheme a patron will claim they took a fall in the restroom, making third-party verification difficult.

Worker’s compensation fraud. Some fraudsters will fake a workman’s compensation claim, accusing an employer of mistreatment on the job. Sometimes there is a kernel of truth to the claim, but the claimant exaggerates the injury or medical condition.

Fake fender-benders. Stunt drivers stage spine-tingling accidents, but they’re not the only ones who execute fake accidents. Insurance fraudsters put time and careful thought into crafting fake accidents.

What’s the best course of action if you suspect insurance fraud? Call your insurance agent! ┬áHere’s more information about the forms of insurance fraud and the steps to reporting this type of crime.

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