About Us

Should it matter to you how long your insurance agency has been in business?

Absolutely. Given a choice between an agency with a track record and the new kid in town, you would do well to opt for tenure. In the insurance business, more experience means wider options and wiser solutions.

Plus, there’s the matter of integrity. Every agency claims it, but a history of success does more – it reflects a long-standing, ethical practice.

Wagner Agency, Inc., with three generations of family involvement, was founded in 1941 in Pittsburgh’s historic Fourth Avenue Financial District. Our family values are ingrained in the way we approach business and in our emphasis on establishing and maintaining caring relationships.

Like friendship, the true test of your insurance agent is how he or she responds in a crunch, when it really matters.

Your agent should be only a phone call away. And your agent should be armed with the knowledge, resources and drive to answer your needs, immediately!

The personnel at Wagner Agency all share one common credo: “Whatever It Takes!”

We’ll do whatever it takes, readily, to give you the protection you earned the moment we became partners.

One insurance plan doesn’t fit all. In fact, the more resources, knowledge and creativity an agent possesses, the more tailored your insurance plan becomes. The more a plan mirrors your particular needs, the more money you’re likely to save. And the more your plan serves your employees’ and/or your personal interest, the more satisfied you’ll be.

The obvious solution isn’t always the best solution. At Wagner Agency, we treat each customer individually and attentively. We take the time to explore alternatives and develop a truly tailored, one-of-a-kind, one-to-a-customer insurance plan.

Solutions don’t always come easily. Each of us comes face to face now and then with a seemingly insurmountable obstacle.

Sometimes solutions require good old-fashioned hard work. Wagner Agency’s personnel make the extra effort to provide the best insurance plan at the lowest possible net cost. We work diligently to protect each and every one of our customers.

Why do we say Wagner Agency is sized perfectly to answer all of your insurance needs?

We’re large. Large enough to offer an exceptional range of resources. We can provide you with advanced insurance plans from our nation’s most prominent insurance companies. Our long-term relationships with these companies also gives us the clout and expertise to fashion just the right plan for each of our customers.

We’re large enough to offer every type of insurance coverage, including commercial and personal property and casualty, individual and group life, and programs for estate planning and employee benefits.

And we’re small. Small enough to treat you like a valued customer, no matter what the size of your policy.

So you see, when it comes to size, Wagner Agency can fit your needs to a tee!