Pittsburgh Automobile Insurance

Choosing the Right Automoible Insurance

Pennsylvania automobile insurance can be complex, therefore it is vital to discuss your situation with someone who understands the policy, can explain the different options and advise what will suit you and your family best.

There are more options than ever before when it comes to automobile insurance. It is becoming impossible to turn on the radio or television without hearing an advertisement. Many people will search online or in a phonebook to get multiple quotes and then make a decision based on price.

The Wagner Agency, Inc  believes there is an easier, more efficient way to shop for your automobile insurance.

Benefits of Choosing From Multiple Providers

Most insurance providers only sell their own brand of insurance policies. The Wagner Agency, Inc sells policies from several of the top automobile insurance providers in the country. The abundant options will allow you to select the perfect policy for you while saving money in the process.

We currently provide automobile insurance policies from the following insurance companies:

What to Look For In An Independent Insurance Agency

You get the best of both worlds with the Wagner Agency, Inc. We have the luxary of offering multiple national brands while still committing to doing business face-to-face. These are a few more reason why you should choose to work with an independent insurance agency:

  • Work for you when you have a claim
  • No allegiance to just one company
  • Helps consult and determine your needs
  • Finds you best combination of price, coverage, and service
  • One stop shopping for your all of your insurance needs
  • Constant reviews of policies to make sure client is getting best rate and coverage
  • Customer satisfaction is number one priority
  • Treated as a valued customer no matter the size of policy
  • Community ties

About Wagner Agency

Wagner Agency, Inc., with three generations of family involvement, was founded in 1941 in Pittsburgh’s historic Fourth Avenue Financial District. Our family values are ingrained in the way we approach business and in our emphasis on establishing and maintaining caring relationships.

The personnel at Wagner Agency, Inc. all share one common credo: “Whatever It Takes!” We’ll do whatever it takes, readily, to give you the protection you earned the moment we became partners.


Wagner Agency’s main office is located at 5020 Centre Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213-1808. Our other location is in Penn Township, 3510 Route 130, Irwin, PA 15642-5816.

Walk-ins are welcomed!!!!

Request a Free Quote

To experience the difference that multiple quotes can make on your automobile insurance rates, we invite you to call our office at (412) 681-2700 and request a free quote. The process is quick and there’s absolutely no obligation on your part to buy from us. But once you experience the benefits of buying automobile insurance through Wagner Agency Inc, we’re confident that you will

Have you Reviewed your Automobile Coverage Lately?

  • Are all licensed drivers in the household listed on the your auto insurance policy? (even if they do not regularly drive any vehicles)?
  • Are all vehicles in the household listed on the policy?
  • Has your one-way mileage to work changed?
  • Are there any youthful drivers in the household? If so, do you qualify for either a driver training or good student discount or both?
  • Are any vehicles used in your business endeavors?
  • Do you ever car pool or drive people around?

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