Automobile Telematics

Take a look at this flyer to find out how automobile telematics can save you money on your insurance plan and make you a safe driver. Contact a Wagner agent today and find out how you can start benefiting from these perks!

Life Insurance

Wagner Agency, Inc. now provides life insurance through The Cincinnati Life Insurance Company! Make sure your family and assets are protected by giving one of our agents a call today at (412) 681-2700.

Keep Your Insurance Agent in the Loop

Let us know if any significant life event occurs so we can make sure you are covered if a claim should arise.
Rental Cars

Loss Damage, Waivers for Rental Cars

When it comes to rental cars, your personal auto policy and use of a credit card do provide sufficient coverage, but is it better than the insurance from a rental company?
Employee Practices Liability

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Every day, your business, whether big or small, is in danger of being targeted by a lawsuit filed by a past, present or potential employee.