Why Wagner?


We will do whatever it takes to give you the protection you earned the moment we became partners.

After all, an insurance agency must do more than design an insurance plan; it must implement the plan! You should expect your agency to act on your behalf with finesse and enthusiasm. Your insurance agent should be only a phone call away, ready to respond in a crunch, when it really matters. Your problems should end not begin when you submit a claim to an insurance agency.

Wagner Agency agents are accessible, knowledgeable, and eager to service your claims. We treat you as a part of the family, and we extend every courtesy to you as we would an old friend.

Our commitment to both individual and business clients is the cornerstone to our service relationships. We do whatever it takes to provide policy protection you deserve.

What to Look For In An Independent Insurance Agency

The personnel at Wagner Agency, Inc. all share one common credo: “Whatever It Takes!” We’ll do whatever it takes, readily, to give you the protection you earned the moment we became partners.

You get the best of both worlds with the Wagner Agency, Inc. We have the luxury of offering multiple national brands while still committing to doing business face-to-face. These are a few more reasons why you should choose to work with an independent insurance agency:

  • Work for you when you have a claim
  • No allegiance to just one company
  • Helps consult and determine your needs
  • Finds your best combination of price, coverage, and service
  • One-stop shopping for all of your insurance needs
  • Constant reviews of policies to make sure clients are getting the best rate and coverage
  • Customer satisfaction is number one priority
  • Treated as a valued customer no matter the size of your policy
  • Community ties

Our Focus

Wagner Agency Inc. is a full service insurance agency focused on the ideals of experience, individualized service and commitment. As an independent agency, we provide the finest professional insurance service for individuals and businesses. We align ourselves with highly regarded insurance companies which offer customers choices and competitive pricing. Our experienced staff will do “whatever it takes” to earn and retain your business.