Home Inventory Guide

This Home Inventory Guide has been designed to help you compile an accurate inventory of current possessions in your home. While it may take some time to complete, the benefits of accurately reporting an inventory of possessions in the event of an insurance claim are worth the investment.  While we hope you will never have the need for this document, we urge you to make a record of personal belongings as soon as possible.

Creating Your Record

Print an appropriate number of copies for each page of the attached worksheet, so that you can complete one sheet per room within your house. Walk through your home and list each item; then, try to determine the date of purchase and purchase price — perhaps from old receipts. If you don’t know the purchase price, estimate the cost of a comparable item.  You may also wish to have some of your valuable articles professionally appraised. For a referral to an independent appraiser, call the Masterpiece® Protection Network at 1-877-60CHUBB.

Additional Tips

  • Don’t forget to write down items in hallways, storage rooms and your garage.
  • Open your closets, cabinets and drawers to document items such china, silverware, crystal, jewelry and clothing.

Using Photos and Videos to Document Your Possessions

It is true that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Digital images, traditional photographs or videos are extremely useful in cataloguing the content of your home. Photos and videos can provide additional information about the qualities of a specific item, while images of various portions of a room can help you remember things you may have forgotten to list in your inventory. Take several photos or videos of items you value most in each room, including close-up shots.

Storing Your Home Inventory Guide

Store this Home Inventory Guide and accompanying videos or photos in a secure place —preferably a safe deposit box or fireproof container away from your home. It is recommended that you review your inventory on an annual basis or when you make significant changes to the content of your home.  This helps ensure the home inventory remains up-to-date.

Choosing the Right Coverage

Once you’ve recorded your home inventory, you may have a better sense of what it would cost to replace the contents of your home.  Your independent agent or broker can review your current policy and advise whether any coverage adjustments should be made. Call 1-877-60CHUBB or visit Chubb to learn more.