Choosing the Right Boating Insurance

In a statistic from BoatU.S., the nation’s largest organization of recreational boaters, they say that half of the 12 million registered boats in the United States are not covered by insurance. Life on the water should be fun, full of adventure, and free of worry about accident coverage. Boat insurance can cover all parts of your vessel, from the propeller to the property. Here at Wagner, we can take care of your watercraft needs.

What To Look For In An Insurance Agency

Why do we say Wagner Agency is sized perfectly to answer all of your insurance needs?

Wagner Agency is large enough to offer an exceptional range of resources. We can provide you with advanced insurance plans from our nation’s most prominent insurance companies. Our long-term relationships with these companies also gives us the experience to fashion different plan options for each of our customers.

And we’re small. Small enough to treat you like a valued customer, no matter what the size of your policy.

Why Choose a Local PA Insurance Agency?

The short answer is service. We have customers all over the state that value doing business with a local agency because they value faster response times and a close relationship with their insurance provider.

The major areas we serve include Pittsburgh, Erie, Harrisburg, York, and Philadelphia.