Back to School Discounts

Read our flyer to learn about school-related insurance discounts. Contact a Wagner insurance agent to find out if these discounts can be applied to your policy! (412)681-2700

Identity Theft Protection

With everyday tasks moving online, identity theft protection is more important than ever. Read our flyer for more information and contact an agent for information on how you can add identity theft protection onto your policy.

Best COVID Business Practices

Read our flyer for tips on running a business amidst the pandemic.

Ridesharing and Delivery Driving

In these trying times rideshare and delivery driving can provide needed income. If this is the case for you, contact your Wagner auto insurance agent to make sure that you are aware of the impact this has on your policy and any exposures you might have on the job. Some providers have eased their policy…

Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Don’t put your recreational vehicles at risk, contact one of our agents and make sure you are covered!

Can Your Policy Weather the Storm?

Can your policy weather the storm without the added protection of an umbrella? Read our flyer and contact an agent to find out!